Argentina and Croatia advance to the World Cup semi-finals thanks to Messi and Modric

DOHA, Qatar (Reuters) — Soccer’s top stars are crying as those that make personal exit points from what might be their final World Cup.

It started with Neymar. Cristiano Ronaldo came next. Could Lionel Messi be the following to go?

Movement is constructing underneath Messi’s bid to end his professional life with the game’s main prize.

Argentina’s 35-year-old playmaker has coached his team to the quarterfinals almost identically to how Diego Maradona, with whom Messi is closely connected, led Argentina to its 2nd and also most up to date World Cup title in 1987.

Croatia, a country that has a population of 4 million, is now in Argentina’s path, constructing a public image as the most tenacious and long — lasting of adversaries while also touting one of soccer’s most elegant players in Luka Modric.

The groups compete at Lusail Stadium, which will also host the final on Weekend, in a rematch of the tournament’s last 2 runners-up, Argentina in 2014 and Croatia in 2018.

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