Barbara Walters’ most unforgettable interviews, from Donald Trump to questioning The Kardashians about their «natural ability.»

Barbara Walters was an innovative newscaster who interviewed celebrities such as The Kardashians and heads of state such as Donald Trump over the course of her centuries professional life.

The TV symbol, who became the first female internet backbone news anchor in the United States on ABC in 1977, passed away at the age of 92 ‘serenely in her home surrounded by her loved ones,’ according to her delegate Cindi Berger.

After a short tenure as an author on CBS News, she began her TV news career as a journalist and scientist on NBC’s Today show in 1962.Walters later co-founded the daylight hours talk show The View, where she appeared frequently as a co-host until her retirement in 2015.

In 1991, Walters was one of the first reporters to ask Donald Trump about his financial prowess and skill.

The meeting came 2 years after Trump acquired the Plaza Hotel for $407.5 million (£336 million), and Walters questioned if it was a «fair purchase.»

‘Well, I don’t know whatever the financiers have said,’ Trump said. The Plaza is a highly valuable asset. «You compensated too much, you paid too much,» everyone said. They’re all telling, «What a real pity.»

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