Bear gets completely strange feelings after consuming psychedelic honey

When this thirsty bear came across a honey farm, he must have believed he’d struck gold.

There, apparently for free, had been bees nest after bees full of that sweet, pure gold treat. Can he help himself? He didn’t care at all.

The animal, however, got more than he hoped for. This wasn’t your typical date, sweetie. And it took its toll on him. The syrup the bear is thought to have consumed is known as deli ball.»

Bees takes flower from specific roses in the wildflower family that are native to the region to generate honey. For thousands of years, people have cultivated «mad honey» for its deliciousness.

It can cause sensations of euphoria and even mental confusion in small doses. It is possible to consume too much «mad honey.» And it appears that this bear did just that.

Fortunately, he was discovered and taken to a veterinarian for care. «He is in better health, and our group would be continuing to cure him.»

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