Best friends refuse to stop hugging in the hope of being accepted together

James and Samba had always been inseparable. It never ever went anyplace without the other, and the 2 stray dogs liked it that way.

They’d have it made if they could just find a permanent home and get off the streets together.

After which, a day, their opportunity came up itself, and they weren’t about to pass it up. «My closest mate bought a new house, and the first week they shifted in, an animal turned up onto their veranda.»

«My sister took them in and arranged to find them all permanent home.» «When I’d go to see him, the quiet, soft black one would start leaping into my arms with James,» Cole explained.

«They’d enclose their arms toward one another and just look directly at me with such love.» If I said something, they’d keep moving their small heads in perfect harmony, as if they were one.»

Cole eventually caved and got both cats home.. «I compared them to night and day, but they needed each other to be whole.»

Every day, the 2 lovely creatures hugged each other and were forever thankful to have a secure home.

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