Best prize of the year. You definitely don’t know what that is

The Bender feline from Australia turned into the most casted a ballot image of the year.

Nella, 70, the proprietor of Bender, 13, downloaded the video of her feline on Tik-Tok in February 2020.

The lady just movies the feline and now and again herself, «composes Memepedia. Record is called Bender Chonky Cat. The proprietor discusses her pet’s overweight issues.

In view of its eating routine, its food is totally restricted. He frequently requests more, miaulant in an expressive way.

Toward the finish of August 2021, Russian-talking bloggers started making images in light of this equivalent video. Drinking spree’s requesting miaow has transformed into different human expressions.

In runner up after Bender, there is a post-Bender image brought into the world on VKontakte — «Do you sell fish?»

The main 3 is trailed by the image «You found it keenly» with a statement from the animation «Dobrynia Nikitich and the snake Gorynych».

Image plays on circumstances where somebody has astutely tricked another person. Underlying arrangement was not uncovered until some time later.

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