Brendan Fraser’s ‘brain was malfunctioning’ because he’starved himself’ excessively during George of the Jungle

Brendan Fraser has spoken out about his attempts while shooting a scene George of the Jungle, admitting that he was’ starved of carbs’ at the moment.

The Whale, his latest movie, has been edged to win big for next year’s Oscars, and the 55-year-old has given back to the limelight.

In a latest interview with Variety’s Actor on Hollywood stars series, Adam Sandler mirrored on his upcoming works as well as the transition he undertook for the 1997 role.

‘I was amazed at how good you appeared in that. ‘You were not really presumed to do that to us,’ Adam joked, toward which he reacted, ‘There’s no outfit.’ George is dressed in a sarong.’

When asked if he was «greased up» while videoing, he replied, «I was waxed.» Carbs deficient.

Brendan plays an introverted man attempting to mend his connection with his unhappy daughter.

‘Upon work, I’d drive home and find something to eat.’ Someday, I wanted money and went to the ATM, but I really can not memorize my Pin code because my mind was malfunctioning.

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