Britney Spears appears to have ended her enmity with sister Jamie Lynn after describing her as «inspiring»

Britny showed up to have ended her enmity with her young sister Jamie Lyn by publishing a soulful homage message to the artist on Insta.

The singer disclosed the post on her social media profile on her b’day, Friday, and told her younger sister she was ‘thinking about’ her.

Britny sent her warm wishes for the youthful Spearss sister’s forthcoming reality event: The Ultimat Test, saying, ‘Congrats on being so courageous, empowering, and showing courage and greatness in your event!!!’

‘You aren’t alone… If anybody knows what is that.. I understand. My little sister!!! ‘I adore you!!!’

The post featured 2 pictures of Jamie Lyn, one of her trying to play guitar and another of her looking happy while sitting on a chair.

Britny fans were taken aback by the emotive upload, which came after months of public enmity toward Jamie Lynn.

Great opportunity to mend their relationships and live in peace without making each other feel bed. They are doing everything they can to alleviate the pain.

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