Brooklyn Beckham displays his Christmas tree. It is the wonderful one

Broklyn Beckam celebrated the beginning of the holiday season on Thursday by displaying his Christmas tree and other décor.

The 24-year-old son of Dav and Victoria Beckam posted to Insta to post a video of his joyful christmas decorations while WhamLast !It’s Christmas started playing in the backdrops.

Broklyn was seen in the video reclining on the sofa with his dog Lamb, whom he holds with his wife Nicola Pelz, admiring his Christmas decor. Broklyn Beckam displays his Chrismas tree and holiday fairy lights.

The beautiful forest was decked out with silver jewels and a variety of celebratory decors, including animals and nutcrackers.

The fairy lamps were seen brighting up colored before modifying to a rainbow appearance, and pairs covered presents were also left under the tree.

Broklyn had decorated a wall with Twinkl fairy lights and covered them together around reflector to finalize his celebratory décor, in addition to his Christmas deco.

The trio were part of a group of buddies who entered the fridge to assist with the prepping of their holiday dinner.

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