Cat is convinced that Mom brought the wrong dog home from the groomer

As to their mother Annie, the furry friend’s relationship at home began not so good, but it then blossomed into very unique friendship.

Milie and Lupie grew to appreciate each other’s company.Annie recently decided that little Lupie’s curly coifs had grown a little too long.

As a result, she decided for him to get a fresh and new haircut, which decreased his shagginess.

Mille seemed to regard Lupie as a stylish-new puppy when he got back from the groomer, apparently convinced that Annie had brought home not his best friend.

Lupie was looking stylish in his new ‘do, but Mille’s frozen response spoiled his big reveal. He was unfamiliar to her.

Fortunately, Mille soon understood that, in spite of her appearance, Lupie was her old friend anyway.

Lupie is not only happy with his new look, but he is also back to spending time with the cat he adores.

«Mille was taken aback to see Lupie after the groomer,» Annie mentioned. «Even so, they’re now pals again.»

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