Cat with a car obsession asks to be taken for rides so he can push his head out the window

Many feline proprietors will know the battle of getting their feline into the vehicle — whether it’s for a vacation or an excursion to the vet.

They won’t get in their convey case. They cry and grovel.

That is not the situation for Mika the dark-striped feline, in any case, who totally loves to go for a drive — to such an extent that he requests to join any excursions so he can stick his head through of the window.

‘He hears when we get the vehicle keys and he’s pursuing you out the way to come as well.

‘I don’t have any idea what it is about the vehicle yet he simply adores it so he can keep an eye through the window — assuming we at any point head off to some place without him, he pursues not too far off the vehicle.

‘It’s not simply sitting in the seat. He adores sitting on the dashboard, the cap and, surprisingly, the top of the vehicle in the event that we drive actually leisurely.’

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