Cher seems to confirm that her mother Georgia Holt passed away at the age of 96, just months since being hospitalized for pneumonia and suffering from repeated health issues

The iconic singer, 77, issued a relatively short twitter post in which numerous of her 4 million Folowers on twitter expressed their sincerest sympathies.

‘I’m apologise, I’ve been Mia.’ Mom has indeed been sick from time to time. She had just gotten from the hospital.

‘She Had Pneumonia,’ decided to write the star, adding, ‘She’s Steadily Improving.’

The next day, Cher brought back to the stage to applaud her fans for their prayers and reassure people that her mother’s return home is best for her.

Cher paid homage to her mother in 2014 with a Lifetime docudrama titled Dear Mither, Love Cher.

Cher appointee the film, that also described in detail Holt’s early life in Arkansa, her 6 weddings, and her trying to sing and going to act professional life in Los Angeles while trying to provide for her baby girl.

Georgia nearly had an abortion while pregnancy occurs with Cher because of pressure from her own mother, according to the story.

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