‘Childish’ horse ends up in a confounding situation

Pix, the horse, has plenty of space to graze and play in the open areas of Annie’s home. Despite this, the sweet young creature ended up in a position where she was helplessly restricted.

Pix became confused. It was an unusual situation. Pix had become stuck inside the bars of a grass rack, which is where her food is normally placed at meal times.

Her legs were arranged in such a way within the rack that it wasn’t clear how she’d gotten there in the first spot.

Nonetheless, when Annie noticed her in that difficult spot, Pix didn’t seem too concerned.

«Well, there was Pix in the grass rack, just staring at me.» As puzzling as it was to assume how Pix got into that situation, figuring out how to get her out of it was equally difficult. Annie asked some assistance.

Soon after, rescue team arrived on the spot to assist. Though Pix is now secure, the factors that contributed to her situation continue to confuse people.

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