Concerned about the cost of living? Simple ways to save money on your bills

With rising price at record highs, rising petrol prices, and incresing energy costs, life is becoming increasingly costly for Britons.

As the risiing cost of living and the oil crisis put growing pressure on our living expenses, we are all searching for ways to be more frugal with our money and identify areas where we can save.

We understand that managing money can be difficult, especially at this time of the year when cash seems to be flowing in only one path. However, there are ways to make a difference now.

For example, British mobile phone network supplier Lebara conducted a survey over 16,000 of its new customers and discovered that switching to its network could save you more than £11 per month.

It improves even more if you switch from one to the other.

Home cooking It’s time to uninstall some these apps that deliver food and dust off the family recipes. We recognize that they served us well during lockdown.

Switch utility servic provider:

Energy prices make up a significant portion of expenses, so switching your imporrt tax or provider to ensure you’re receving the best agreement on gas and electricity is worthwhile.

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