Concerned about the «twindemic»? How to stay safe this winter

With specialists notifying that Britain will experience a ‘twindemic’ of Covid-19 and fever this winter, make sure you’re updated on your immunisations.

With the entrance of cooler temperatures, we see a rise in flu cases, and Covid-19 is still present. There’s really, however, things you can do to fully preserve yourself from such virus infections.

Millions of Britons are entitled to complimentary vaccinations provided by the NHS that safeguard them from such viruses and decrease their likelihood of becoming seriously ill.

The treatments are particularly recommended for individuals over the age of 50, pregnant women, people with lengthy medical problems, and individuals who are infected with the virus.

They are the best way to safeguard yourself against severe disease, as specialists inform that the 2 viruses could cause a ‘twindemic.’

And getting Covid and the flu at the same time raises your chances of becoming seriously ill.

According to research, if you haven’t had a repeater in more than 6 months, you’re 3 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid.

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