Dog jumps into the ocean to obtain a stick for a friend who is afraid of the waves

Gala enjoys visiting the beach. She enjoys running in the sand, sleeping under an umbrella, and digging a number of holes.

But what about swimming in the sea? Fortunately, she doesn’t have to feel left out in games of grab in the ocean; her friend, Moana, is happy to assist in retrieving the stick from the swells and returning it to her.

Erikson frequently takes Gala to puppy coast near to Ohio. Gala has never been fond of swimming. In fact, it a long time for the careful dog to feel confident going in up to her legs.

«She is not an easy going dog,» Erikson said, «but she has come a long way in order to be siting that far out in the ocean.»

«She loves water now, but she won’t swim unless she is pushed, and she is still afraid of big waves.»

«We are much healthier both physically and mentally than we were previously. She’s also the reason we’ve made so many wonderful friends!»

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