Dog refuses to leave box in which her wwner has left her

Yield was only 10 months when she was left in a nearby area in a carton. She remained faithfully in the box 24 hrs until a stranger discovered her the following day.

The woman was surprised to find Yield sitting in the box without any water or food on a hot summer day. «She haven’t ever transferred from the box.»

«She was actually waiting for somebody to return.» They put the dog and her box in a pet carrier, thinking she was paralyzed.

Yield finally crept out of the carton, and helpers at the shelter decided to leave that with her. Boyd explained,

«They left the box in her pet carrier because that was her safety.» Yield ran and hid in the corner of her kennel for the first few days at the shelter.

«You could see her chest and body shaking from worry,» Boyd explained.Yield was taken in by Texas Dog 2 weeks after her rescue and immediately placed in a loving foster home.

Yield ‘s real character emerged almost immediately in her new place.

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