Dogs that were abandoned are overjoyed to be reunited

Camron and Ema are a brother and sister who stayed together after their owner left them in a protected area.

Suzete, the rescue center’s founder, first heard about Ema and Camron from a kind person who had been feeding the dogs numerous times a day for nearly 2 weeks.

«We were in the midst of the most intense hot summer and rainfalls when she called,» Hal explained. «I had no idea they’d still be there, but they were!» «Just lying with each other.»

The way the 2 dogs holed up together in one place indicated that they were bonded, despite the fact that they had a big national park to discover.

As a result, Hal decided to try something new. She took out her Snappy Snare, a tool used to quickly and painlessly catch a dog by the neck, and started chatting to one of the dogs in order to earn his faith.

Her plan was to use the Snappy Snare to capture one of the dogs and then take the other.

They are capable of doing so. The 2 puppies were placed in a foster family around each other shortly after their vet visits.

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