Her story has a happy ending, as the cat who became famous after no one showed up for her birthday party found a loving home

Melo had enjoyed more than hundred days at the safe house with nobody showing any interest in taking on her, so staff thought a birthday celebration may be the ideal method for getting her some notice.

Yet, when nobody appeared, unfortunate Melo probably felt significantly more dismissed.

Then, Melo’s story became famous with the photographs of her miserable little face at her desolate birthday celebration being shared countless times across the web.

Battersea was immersed with messages from Melo’s fans, who offered gifts to the sanctuary in the feline’s honor, sent gifts, and, surprisingly, elected to have Melo flown mostly round the world so she could have a home.

Presently, months on, we at long last have an update.

Melo has observed a caring home with a man named Adnan, and is cherishing life. She won’t ever need to spend another birthday feeling alone and dismissed.

Adnan learned about Melo when he was watching the news one evening, and immediately applied to take on the kitty.

Yet, fortunately, even amidst the pandemic, Adnan and Melo have found solace in one another. It turns out they’re the ideal pair.

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