H&M has terminated Justin Bieber merchandise after being called «trash.»

H&M has dismissed Justin Bieber’s products after the songwriter branded the selection ‘waste’.

Previously in the week, the Stay musician smashed the garments brand on Instagram, trying to claim that a new edition showcasing his face was never authorised by him.

In a sequence of Instagram posts, the 29-year-old also prompted fans not to buy the clothes.

H&M said in a declaration that they ‘simply followed authorization’ before releasing the merchandise in inquiry.

‘Like all licensing deals and associates, ‘However, in order to show our appreciation for the cooperation and Justin Bieber, we have deleted the clothing from our websites and stores.

Sweatshirts and other items of clothing with Justin’s face and songs from his song, Shadow, are thought to have been included in the selection.

It was valid and acceptable in US stores, but at the moment of writing, it was not available to purchase on the US H&M online marketplace.

Justin took shots at the garments on social networks, claiming he didn’t like them. ‘I didn’t take advantage any of the H&M merchandise collection,’ he wrote.

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