How did a stray puppy end up as the official officer in charge of cuddling?

Reported that a stray dog had given birth to pets. Officers responded to the scene and relocated the dog and his pups to a nearby homeless shelter.

One of the pups attracted the attention of patrol officers Anna while the dog and his pups were waiting for the refuge to arrive.

The girl kept him with the permission of the police station’s chief. Approximately 4 months later, she brings the dog to work with her.

The dog was not bored at home, and the girl enjoyed herself more at work. Upon their return from their regular duties at the position, the service officers were eager to take the dog in their hands, cuddle him, and talk to him.

Their serious faces have softened, the spiritual situation has improved, and everyone has returned to being friendly, full of joy, and easy going.

The police department speedily issued a decision naming the puppy «headland officer.» He was appointed as the Fluffy officer.

Manager thinks to provide him with a professional course on how to raise a genuine therapy dog. So that he can not only assist the police, but also «help treat» other people in need.

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