Hybrid bears do exist — and they are more common than you think

If you’ve ever thought what should happen if a bear and a grizzly bear had children, you’re in good fortune! Scientist descovered a «bear» hybrid, and they’re turning more usual.

According to Medical information today, climate change has up the prevalence of these bears, which have characteristics of both their polar and brown parents.

When polar bears travel into brown bear bear territory, it can influence how they mate and who they pair up with.

«Generally, hybrids aren’t best suited to their surroundings than their mom and dad, but there’s a chance that these hybrids will be able to hunt for a wider range of food sources,» says the researcher.

The exact number of hybrids in the wild is unknown, but scientist resaearching the new hybrid saying the population is getting up.

«I dream Arct still has a bear,» Santy said. «However, with all of that said, could hybrid animals survive in the Arctic’s middle regions?» Probably. That is why we must continue to investigate them.»

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