I bought a Maine Coon expecting it to be a tiny cat; after three months, it had grown to the size of a big dog

I’ve always had a thing for cats and other animals, especially the Idaho, which is a cross between a lynx and a raccoon.

This is evident on the ears as well as the tail combination. I was desperate to find a cat of this species, and I spent more than three weeks looking in my city.

I went to many different owners until the most exciting duplicate presented itself to me.

But it would be very adorable and tiny, and he was willing to give it to me for a reasonable price. When I arrived at the flat to buy it, I saw a typical kitten running around, full of energy and pleased.

I quickly knew it as the cat of my life, so I paid for it and placed it in a special container. That’s when the problem began: the cat grew up in just three months.

I had to feed him practically on a daily basis. He was indeed usually running around trying to get me up.

Remember not to buy him houses, mini-houses, or anything else. Buy no cat box because he will not fit in when he gets older.

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