In his two-bed apartment, a man provides a separate room for his beloved guinea pigs

Ben Maleloves to treat his guinea pigs to the better things throughout everyday life.

The 25-year-old TikToker, from Wales, has five animals altogether..

At the point when Ben originally bought the animals in 2017 he had every one of the provisions he really wanted — yet not set in stone to make their lives as agreeable as could be expected.

He’s presently encouraging others to bring more thought into their creatures’ everyday environments — contrasting their enclosures with ‘box rooms.’

Ben remains by his choice and says, while pessimistic remarks got to him from the start, he’s currently happy he’s even figured out how to instruct individuals on care.

‘From the beginning, [the pessimistic comments] got to me a piece, until somebody brought up that the main explanation individuals are seeing it as odd, is on the grounds that it’s anything but a canine,’ he proceeds.

‘My mother used to have a dog corner and I consider these things to be typical.

‘I head to sleep realizing they have an extraordinary set up and I’ve been informed it’s motivated such countless individuals to re-evaulate their consideration.

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