In memory of her beloved dog, a woman gets the sweetest tattoo

Annie and her beloved dog Sebi were inseparable for six long and happy years. Despite all of life’s ups and downs, the little dog never failed to bring a smile to Annie’s face.

Sebi planned to display his love for Annie in a variety of ways, one of which was a nice gesture he had devised on his own.

Sebi would reach out and wrap his small paws on Annie’s arm, seemingly at the precise moment.

But, as enjoyable as their time together was, it couldn’t remain indefinitely. Sebastián passed away in October of last year.

She came up with a sweet solution to make Sebi a permanent part of her life. She went with a design that was inspired by Sebi’s favorite pose.

Sebi may be gone, but he still makes Annie laugh and consoles him when he needs it. He’d always done it that way.

Sebi lives on in the hearts of others today thanks to the tattoo he received in his honor.

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