In the most dramatic way, a lovely cat claws her way into the heart of a family

Adopting an animal through one’s core and home is a love affair that frequently requires careful consideration and planning. Neither was required of a new cat mom.

The truth is that she didn’t have much of a say in the matter.Cami and her husband returned home last week to discover that their empty house wasn’t as empty as it should be.

When they came in through front door, they discovered a cat sitting on their lap. The feline had clearly clawed her way through the roof to get inside.

And, despite they tried to make her leave, she had no intention of staying away for long.

Cami heard a strange sound which was coming from the kitchen a few hours later. It seemed to be coming from the hole.

The feline jumped through the hole into the kitchen.Cami described her as «very cute and loving.» «Because we believe she chose us, we couldn’t kick her out, so we adopted him.»

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