It seemed odd to see a dog with a door around his neck. However, the reason was quite amusing

Because he had accumulated too many extra pounds and could not move from the dog gate, an adorable overweight dog who was rescued from the streets had to be placed on a diet.

Lexy had been rescued two years before.  You could see that life on the streets had been difficult for him.

The first time they spotted him, he was alone outside a shop in a small town.

Luckily, his life changed and presently Lexy is an exceptionally spoiled canine, who has a cheerful existence with his mom Ann Smith.

Unequivocally, Ann’s sister was the person who observed Lexy, when she saw him, the main thing she did was persuade her better half to bring him back home.

She helped him solve his health problems and also helped him gain back some much-needed weight.

Lexy got locked in the small dog gate while playing with the other dogs.

Presently, Lexy is under severe guidelines to get his food changed so he can be taken care of normal canine food once more.

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