James Cameron, the director of Titanic, has released a documentary demonstrating that Jack could not have saved by standing on the deck

James Cameron is prepared to demonstrate «for all time» that Jack would not have saved by helping Rose climb onto the Titanic’s floating deck.

The renowned filmmaker is busy promoting the eagerly awaited Avatar remake, but he can’t avoid inquiries regarding his 1996 disaster film.

Over Jack’s demise at the conclusion of the film as well as whether he could have simply gotten onboard the floating door with Rose, fans have talked and discussed lasting years.

Yes, it appears as though there would have been enough for 2 persons, but memorize when Jack tried to get up on the door and it nearly shuffled?

And couldn’t he simply tried once more after that? After all, it was an existence situation.

Director Cameron, however, has undertaken dramatic measures to «lay all this subject to sleep,» including a scientific study as well as a movie, because he is sick of the argument.

Cameron told Postmedia, «We have conducted a scientific study to put an end to this entire mess and put a stake throughout its center and get it over with.»

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