James Hewitt, 64, a lover of Princess Diana, travels throughout Ukraine to assist people who have been left homeless

It has been revealed that J. Hewitt is traveling thousands of km across the conflict-torn Ukraine in order to save helpless individuals.

The 65-year-old companion of Princess Diana has already completed one mission for Help4Ukraine and will visit the nation once more before Christmas.

Lord Monson, a 67-year-old author and activist, founded the group to provide relief and transport individuals in need to shelter.

He recalled his penultimate operation, during which the group approached within six miles of the still-Russian-controlled Zaporizhhia facility, saying, «We travelled 2,400 km in 3 days.»

It happens after Hewitt and the son of a decorated British captain who established a similar fund in Afghanistan earlier this year established a not-for-profit to aid vulnerable individuals in Ukraine.

Mr. Hewitt has recently experienced a heart attack and a stroke, but that hasn’t stopped him from saving and transporting stranded Ukrainians to safety.

«We visit every region of Ukraine, especially those near the fighting lines, to locate, aid in, and help gather the young, old, and helpless Ukrainians.»

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