Kanye West’s girlfriend Juliana Nalu announces herself’single’ following rapper’s surprising antisemitism debate

Julian,West’s most latest companion, has acknowledged that she is lonely as a result of his anti jewish behavior.

The Prais God rap artist prompted mass condemnation in recent weeks after creating anti-Semitic comments on social networks, sparking Instagram and Twitter blacklists.

In a surprising question and answer session, the 45-year-old applauded Nazi Party leader Hitlr before ramping up his reelection campaign attempts.

That after the debate surrounding the dad, Brazilian model Nalu was queried about their blossoming relationship on Instagram, and she assured to separate herself from him.

When a follower questioned how she could relate with somebody who retained his beliefs, she reacted, ‘I’m single,’ as per Page Six. Thank you for your concern.’

The pair first was connected in September, once they were seen trying to leave a Beverly Hills cafe around each other.

The 25-year-old was carrying 2 red roses out from the restaurant while dressed correspondingly to the Grammy champion.

As per numerous reports, he uploaded a photo of a Davit, which is a Jewish icon, combined with a symbol to the site.

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