Kanye West’s surprise appearance in Glass Onion perplexes viewers — but did you notice it?

It’s been nearly a week after Netflix published Glas Onion, yet we’re still finding Easter eggs all over the place, like Kanye West’s rare appearance in the film.

Danieel Craig returns to his role as world-renowned private detective Benoi Blan, who is welcomed to an electronics billionaire’s private beach to fix a crime story.

He’s decided to join by an all-star cast that includes Kate Hudson, Janele Monae, Leslie Odo, and Edward Norton.

Even so, a number of other spontaneous cameos from a variety of stars, with Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West, 46, being the most recent.

A big fresco of Kanye on a ceiling behind the visitors depicts the rap artist as a savior of the world start figuring hooded cloaks and carrying a gold cup.

Many people have communication and effective between the picture and the illustrations used in Kanye West’s 2012 album My Beautiful Darrk Twisted Fantassy.

Even so, no reference of the wall painting is made in the movie, which was captured in 2020 before Kanye’s semitism dispute erupted in real life this year, leaving audiences perplexed as to its significance.

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