Kim Kardashian weeps over co-parenting with Kanye West and claims her children «don’t know anything» about the incident

Kim Kardashian finally opened regarding her co-parenting difficulties with former Kanye West in a sentimental meeting, stating that raising their 4 kids together has been difficult’ since their relationship breakdown.

Within a week of seven years of marriage, the Kardashians star divorced the Grammy-winning rap artist in February, and their divorce was lately finalized.

Kanye, 46, has been deeply involved in dispute in over the last week after a series of islamo remarks, stating Black Lives Matter and applauding Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, while also loss his financially rewarding Adidas partnership.

Kim, 43, took a seat for a lengthy meeting with Angie Martinez on her IRL Podcast to talk about co-parenting with Kanye and shielding their kids from the controversy.

‘I certainly saved him and will continue to do so. ‘In the eyes of my children — for my children,’ Kim explained.

‘So in my residence, my children have no idea anything about what’s going on in the outside world, and I’ve handled to- I’m clinging onto a sliver of hope and I know I’m so near to that just not occurring, but as lengthy as it’s that way, I’ll safe it to the end of the world.

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