Kitten is ‘adopted’ by a rescue bunny and becomes her best mate

Eric and Alsoka have always had a lovely relationship. The rescue bunny and kitten pal spent the most of their days together.

Despite having her own cat siblings, Alsoka favoured her best rabbit buddy for everything, particularly hugging.

«We guess getting siblings would be wonderful for Alsoka, and they’d be together, and it’d all be fantastic.» «However, she picked the rabbit over her half siblings and bonded with Eric instead.»

«Many other dogs feared him, except Alsoka, who adored him.» He was the lord, and she was his princess.»

If they weren’t watching TV with Parma, the 2 spent the most of their time hugging.Pal described them as «always cuddling and napping together.»

«She, too, loved playing with his ears. She was always graceful, which he also seems to appreciate.»

«They helped to bring us so much joy,» Pal said. «Seeing them united and so close always made us so glad and filled our heart and mind.»

Pal has no plans to keep another rabbit any real soon. But if she does, «Princess» Alsoka will be there to show him everything «Lord» Eric taught her and all the snuggles they used to distribute.

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