Let us support Daisy, a wonderful elderly cat who has been looking for a home for 263 days

Her proprietor tragically died, meaning the old cat was taken into care focus.

Presently, after 263 days, she’s actually standing by to track down another family to give her a home.

Creature care associate said: ‘Exquisite Daisy has been with us for a very long time at this point and she is frantic to get herself a caring new home.

Whenever Daisy showed up at the safe house, she was justifiably restless and battled with an annoyed belly, making her require a long time to get comfortable.

However, she’s presently back to full wellbeing and prepared to move in to her ideal retirement home. Daisy is portrayed as amicable and friendly, and is searching for a proprietor who will give her all the affection she merits.

She’s quick to be the main pet in her new home, and will be in an ideal situation with just grown-ups or a family with more established kids.

She’d likewise like admittance to the outside so she can wander and investigate.

Her new proprietors should know that she has a touchy belly and is on an exceptional eating routine to ensure it doesn’t erupt once more.

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