Little dog has been waiting outside for three weeks expecting that someone will notice him

A small dog named Corey stayed by the door for 3 weeks. The little brown dog hid under a plastic seat and viewed clients come and go, hoping that someone would mention him.

Fortunately,Jones knew she had to assist as soon as she saw Corey.

«I thought he was the sweetest thing, with puffy little legs.» «It broke my heart to learn he’d been here for 3 weeks.»

Jones curious as to why the sweet dog was there, and asked the employee if she knew anything about Corey’s story. Jones gave the receptionist her phone number and asked to be contacted if Corey’s caretaker did not appear.

As she had believed, they hadn’t arrived. Jones and the helpful person took the dog into Jones’s car, and he was soon warm and safe in home.

He made sure he had enough space. Jones immediately thought Corey was afraid because he wasn’t very involved. But then as she got to know him better, Jones realized Corey was just a laid-back guy.

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