Lizzo remembers Adele calling her casually and inviting her over for wine

Lizo can still clearly remember Adel calling and asking her for a wine glass. Casuual.

The Easy On Me hitmaker, who is also 35, allegedly contacted the 36-year-old after following her rise to fame in the age of social mediia to see how she was doing.

‘When she initially showed up out, the society was so unique, especially with social networks,’ About Damn Time singer Lizo said of the Brit.

Lizo, how then do you do it? Adele asked me when she called me. Are you alright? Would you like to visit and partake in some wine?

Would you like to talk? And I said, «Yeah.» Lizzo is now evaluating a vocals with Adele, who is presently doing a resident status in Las Vegas, but she wishes to play the flute rather than sing on the song.

Melissa Jefferson, the singer, revealed that she and she have never discussed performing a duet. «You understand, I’d perform the flute for Adel,» I said. Since she is such an artist, I would play the flute.

Adele lately interrupted her Las Vegas performanc to publicly support Lizo’s docuseries Love, Lizo, which premiered on HBO Max in Nov.

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