Lovable dog travels with special closest friend all over he goes

Pumpkins are the perfect treat for a canine such as Mundu. Canine adores the small pumpkin that his mother gave him. Mundu and his temporary pumpkin are inseparably linked. And he would never eat it.

Mundu’s world is a little more finished as long as they’re together. » » I gave him a pumpkin when he was a dog to see if he still enjoyed it.»

Fortunately, Mundu not only liked it, but adored it. The grateful dog has adopted the pumpkin as his close mate, accompanying it wherever he goes.

They even slept together in the garden. «It’s receiving a little gross now that it has some teeth marks in it,» James said. «He enjoys holding it and throwing it around.»

He’ll toss it somewhere and then attack it. He also simply takes it and lies with it.»

«It is very gentle and loving and prefers to have some part of himself hugging you at all times,» James explained.

«He is also very emotional; if you cry, he will move over from wherever he’s to see what’s totally incorrect.»

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