Lovely dog oversteps fence to play with neighbor children

This lovely dog has his own family and home, but he recently discovered he could play with the children who live next door.

The puppy will now go to any length to see his favorite playmates.»He pretty much started digging at and pushing on the loose boards in the fence right away,» said their neighbor.

«He does it whenever our three children are in the backyard.»

Ducy eventually broke a slat in the fence and began paying regular visits to the Fritts family.»He begs us to come out and play, and we do so several times a day.»

Fritts’ children even made Ducy his own bed to sleep in when he came to visit after he was caught napping on their property.

Fortunately for Ducy, Fritts’ children don’t mind when he pays them a visit, especially since they’ve always wanted their own dog.

«This was the ideal friendship to show them what having a dog entails,» Fritts said.

«Every day, we refreshed his water, cleaned his messes, played with him, worked with him on commands, and spoiled him with treats.»

«We have a dog without having a dog,» Fritts explained. «They adore him.»

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