Meet Maru and Now, the soft best friends who know how to have a good time in the summer

This michi named Maru and his dearest companion hare ‘Noa’ do know how to partake in the late spring, presenting along with the ideal outfits, they will clearly win your love as they did with our own.

With their trendy shirts and striking shades, this delicate pair presented in the most epic photographs of this late spring and here is its verification.

The owner of the cats loves fashion and animals. One day she decides to find a way for the creatures to be fashionable and to show their beauty.

One summer night she was sitting with her cats and suddenly she had an idea. As her mom liked sewing, she asked her mom to help her to make this idea to come true.

Mother sewed my clothes for the cats and the woman decided to organize a photoshoot for them.

They were able to do this during wonderful summer season and at the end the result was just fantastic.

Here we have shared some nice pictures with you. Have a look at them and you will be surprised.

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