Meet the luxuriously pampered big bunny with her own home

The rabbit has her own residency in the nursery which has warmers, seats, draperies, a radio, and a bed by the window that disregards the nursery.

The whole of her private homestead is painted and beautified and is nothing similar to an ordinary hare cottage.

Gemma Seymour, 10, has ensured her hare defeats everything.

Organization chief Layden-Grant makes sense of: ‘Willow is an extremely spoiled bunny, she aeats every one of the treats there are and she has so many toys for a hare.

‘She has her own two-story house in the nursery, Gemma needed to make the home bunny agreeable and comfortable.

‘It is splendidly painted and has hitting around it. There is floor covering, and bunches of feed in there.

‘She bit through the wires on the Christmas tree last Christmas, she is very wicked some of the time.

‘Her room is higher up in the house with a window view so she can continuously see what’s happening outside. She makes an incredible occupation of managing the bushes for me.

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