Mick Jackson, general manager of The Bodyguard, tends to reflect on continuing to work with the «marvelous» Whitney Houston, the film’s soundtrack, mysteries, and secrets

A squish drama film was screened in theaters just over 30 years ago, hailing Whitne’s film debut spitting image Hollywod’s golden boy Kevin Coster.

The Bodyguard was not well accepted by critics at the moment, and it obtained the most Razzie candidacy (seven, with none won), but it was also the second best film of the year, chasing only Aladdin, and got 2 Oscars.

It should also be commended with issuing what is still the better movie background music of all time, thanks to Houston’s soulful voice on songs like Run To You, I Have Nothing, and, her famous cover of Doly Parton’s I Will Always Love You; the musical score to The Bodyguard has managed to sell over 45 million records.

It had a dramatic re-release in theaters in Nov. to mark the anniversary its 30th anniversary.

‘When we discussed it, she said, «Look, I’m not really an actres; I’m a singer.» How are we going to achieve this? Should I enroll in acting classes?» «No, no, you can’t learn how to act in a week,» I said.

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