Musical director guarantees that Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance will be «truly unique you’ve never encountered before.»

We are giddy with anticipation for Rihana’s forthcoming Super Bowl performanc after hearing hints from her musical director.

The Umbrella music star, who took a break from songs to concentrate on her brand names Savag Fentty, Fentty Beauty, and Fentty Skin, will make an impressive comeback to the step next season for the Halftime Show.

We are beyond prepared to see Rihana returning to the stage, in which she originally belonged. Her most latest album, Anti, was published in 2016, but she lately overjoyed us with Lift Me Up from the Black Panter 2 music score.

He opened up to Rolling Stone about the artistic process and how it was to collaborate with the celebrity, saying: «It has been awesome.»

The Roc Nation team, Wilow, the brilliant artistic director and brand manager Paris Goebel, and my co-musical filmmaker partner Omar Edward are leading this.

So, man, that has been really cool. Rihanna’s creativity is what makes her special. It will be with exception of anything you’ve seen because she constantly pushes the parcel, and we continually try to do that with her.

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