My dog annoyed me, but he was actually attempting to save my life. Isn’t it incredible?

While you’re feeling ineffectively, the last thing you need is a sensitive little dog attempting to lick your face the entire day.

Yet, tragically, that was all I was getting with Clive, my little cocker spaniel.

I was determined to have an interesting, ongoing condition where your body doesn’t deliver sufficient cortisol.

Whenever side effects began, I did not know what was happening. Assuming that I had a stomach bug, it’d find opportunity to recuperate.

I was more powerless to colds and influenza and my circulatory strain was very low all the time.

It reached a place where I wasn’t going out. So at last, I recently quit going out and surrender to life inside the four dividers of my home.

My canine stays close by, and tells me precisely when I want to take my prescription, day or night.

He’ll bounce, and will attempt to get to my mouth. Around evening time, he’ll bounce on my side of the bed and wake me up. His alarms are so solid, they’re difficult to miss.

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