Nobody knew what made this stray dog so fat

Nevile spent weeks walking the streets of Santa Barbara, in the hot and humid summer heat before finding a secure resting spot.

The creature background was unknown, but she was not only single, but also seriously overweight.

Fortunately, a kind stranger came throughout the pup and chose to give her water and food before transporting her to the closest shelter.

Staff immediately posted on Social media about the good girl, whom they misidentified for a boy at first. “Nevile is a complete love.»

This poor creature requires our assistance.» Nevile weighed 120 pounds, which was more than two to three times the perfect weight for a dog her shape. She had clearly been ignored.

«She was only at our rescue centre for a short time before she was accepted.» «However, we knew that she required assistance.»

The post was successful, and Nevile moved into her new home in early August, but she still needed a losing weight and health care plan. Neville found her a nice house where she is loved and cared.

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