Nothing will be allowed to hurt the gorgeous goose’s beloved child

Tomy adores animals, and his mother, Sofia, has had an unique member to their household since he was a baby: a lovely goose named Barrows.

What she never expected was for the lad and the sweet duckling to form such a strong bond; Tomy is his favorite boy.

Tomy’s best friend, Barrows, as he is called to his family, became his best friend, and the two are inseparable; their bond is truly exceptional. «Duck» was Tomy’s first word.

The goose was always at Tomy’s side, sometimes even pulling off his diaper; their bond has grown stronger since then, and Barrows makes sure to be by his side with every step the youngster takes.

Barrows used to follow Tomy around and beg for part of the boy’s food, and she always received it.

This couple was constantly up to something mischievous; they could wreck a room in a matter of minutes, and they knew how to look deliciously guilty when they were detected.

Barrows is extremely protective of his favorite boy and is constantly on the watch for him.

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