Outside their window, a couple watches a squirrel start a family

One morning, around 90 days prior, a startling guest showed up external the window of Alex and his sweetheart’s upper-story condo in France. It was a squirrel — and in her mouth was a stick.

The squirrel put the stick down on the window ledge and ran off. A couple of seconds after the fact, getting back with another.

Yet, the response before long turned out to be clear.

Ends up, the squirrel was in a cute development project. She was building a home — and Alex’s window ledge clearly seemed like the ideal site for it.

Whenever she got done, the squirrel got comfortable. Also, in the weeks that followed, Alex, his better half and their feline, got a very close gander at the squirrel’s day to day existence.

As the months passed, Alex and his sweetheart reported the squirrel’s exercises on record and presented the recording on TikTok.

In any case, however adorable as it seemed to be to watch her, she wouldn’t be distant from everyone else for a really long time.

As much as having the mother squirrel and her children there enchanted Alex and his sweetheart, they realized it wouldn’t endure forever.

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