Perrita chihuahua celebrates her 15th birthday with a super event

Numerous little dogs have circulated around the web as a result of their curious abilities displayed on record; in this way, the TikTok client distinguished as Marco Valencia showed his uncle’s mascot radiating on the dance floor during the festival of his fifteenth birthday celebration.

It ought to be noticed that the normal future for a little variety canine (like Chihuahua) is 12 to 17 years.

Thus, the proprietor of the canine chose to commend a customary quinceañera party, this to show the amount of adoration he possesses for his pet.

Through a progression of video cuts, the kid, who thusly was one of the visitors at the party, showed how the canine moved a progression of movements as a component of the festival, which was situated in an occasion room, where the visitors went to in rich garments.

As it was about XV years, the party wore a pink dress, and, surprisingly, moved her three step dance joined by three human chamberlains: two expert artists, who spiced up the movement with their developments and prop umbrellas, while the proprietor conveyed it and turned his pet on a few events.

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