Photos of their encounter and the story will make you cry because the small puppy prevented the owner from a stroke

The brilliant canine immediately understood that the older proprietor required help.

You can turn into a legend no matter what his size, and a Métis chihuahua named Bubu is the best affirmation of this.

The shrewd canine saved the proprietor’s life when he suffered a heart attack, and presently the entire world has learned it.

Rudie U.S. Naval force veteran, was in the flatboat when he was not feeling good. «I sat on a seat, I recovered my spirits after lunch.

I was unable to try and get up: my arm and leg didn’t move.»

Understanding all this and that he wouldn’t have the option to arrive at the telephone to call for help, Armstrong took a gander at the canine Bubu and said, «Go get Kim, help me.»

The canine understood that it was a dock boss she knew well, who worked in the area, and immediately returned with assistance. The Docmaster called a rescue vehicle and Armstrong was taken to the clinic.

Presently, the man is recuperating from a stroke, and the specialists, moved by his story, have coordinated a gathering with Bubu.

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