Pig captured on video trying to flee from home to steal pumpkins

Carton has a love for pumpkins. The salvage pig is powerless to stop himself. Carton will take any pumpkin he sees on anybody’s door.

He even waltzed out of his house in search of his valuable fruits, and neighbors captured it all on video.

«When I walked out the door one day, there was a deformed jack-o’-lantern on the patio, with pieces of it trailing down the sidewalk.»

He’d made a getaway for it and eaten somebody’s carved pumpkin’s face!»The pig couldn’t wait to slip his teeth into pumpkins after that first taste.

They had to keep a close eye on him or he’d fade away to explore the neighborhood.Fortunately, neighbors were amused by the defined pig’s pumpkin-centric taste and offered him more to eat.

«He’s always looking for a way to get into and then reviewing to see if I’ve noticed,» John explained. Carton now has a plenty of of pumpkins — no stealing needed.

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