Pit Bull wears hat to help her get adopted

Bonie was rescued from a centre only 5 minutes before she was planned to be put down by animal rescue.

Something in her brown eyes told them she was the lovely canine ever, and all she needed was a chance to express it, and they were completely correct.

Lily stepped up to foster Bonie not long after she was saved, and she quickly fell in love with the cute creature.

«She is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.» «She enjoys making new friends and is remarkably caring.» She’ll quickly rest her head on your seat…

She would accompany me around my flat like a little baby bird, never leaving my did not matter what I was performing!

If I didn’t cuddle her long at all, she would get even nearer to me until I did!» Folet knew that any relatives would be lucky to adopt Bonie, so she set out to find the great fit for her, but was met with a lot of anxiety.

Folet make sure that people saw Bonie for who she truly is. She believed the hat could help her find the ideal permanent family, and it did.

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