Puppy is abandoned in the bushes, waiting for someone to notice him

Jesse was only 5 months old when he was discovered in the trees by a kind man, but he didn’t look like a dog in anyway.

Rather than running around the bushes, the lonely dog sat perfectly still on an abandoned dog bed, unphased by the foreigner facing him.

His face expressed a need for help. The Stranger called their local rescue center, which shortly forwarded rescue worlers to the scene to to save the animal.

«From the day they received him, he was just love.» «Everyone says he’s the cutest dog.»

After saving him, shelter workers took Jesse to the vet, where they discovered he had a leg injury. Doctors believe Jesse sustained this injury more than 2 weeks before being rescued.

They claimed he haven’t really transferred from his bed in the trees because of this. It was just too stressful. Jesse has received numerous requests for adoptian.

«He needs to undergo a little bit of an adventure before he’s fully available for having forever home.»

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